Teaching subtraction to kindergartners is like launching them on a math adventure! Let’s sprinkle some subtraction magic and watch those little minds conquer numbers with flair. Here are some of my favorite tips on Teaching Subtraction To Little Learners.

Teaching subtraction is no ordinary math mission. Your little learners must have already aced the art of addition. Now get ready to dive into a sea of creative strategies and activities to ensure your little learners are subtraction math whizzes in no time!

Introducing Subtraction Concept

Subtraction is a key mathematical process that focuses on determining the variance between two numbers, rather than just being the reverse of addition. To kick off, I utilize an anchor chart to explicitly explain the concept and engage the whole group in learning. (The Subtraction Strategies Book equips you with all the tools to effectively teach 8 diverse Subtraction Strategies to little learners! Can be found at my KC STORE and TPT.)

Provide Hands-On Activities

After introducing the subtraction concept and working with the whole group, it’s now time for independent practice. Engaging in hands-on activities is a highly effective method to enhance subtraction skills in mathematics for little learners. Use manipulatives such as blocks or counters to help make the concept more tangible and easier to understand for kindergarteners. Start with simple subtraction problems involving small numbers to build a strong foundation before moving on to more complex calculations. (Subtraction Strategies)


Have you started teaching subtraction yet?🤓Just like teaching addition, I have a kit for introducing, teaching and practicing 8 different subtraction strategies! This kit includes the pieces for creating an interactive anchor chart, individual student books and differentiated practice pages. ➡️This is a GAME Changer for teaching subtraction! #kindergartenchaos #teachersoftiktok #kindergartentips #kindergartenactivities #teachertips #kindergartenmath #subtraction

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Games and Interactive Practice Activities

Integrate entertaining games and interactive activities to create an enjoyable and engaging experience for your kindergarten students while teaching subtraction. (Dice Games Year Long Bundle)


Did you MISS THIS AWESOME RESOURCE?!🤓🎲One of the best tools for math practice is dice! 🎲 ⚫️Dice are inexpensive and can be found at any discount store. 🔵Dice Games and Activities can help little learners develop important skills such as counting, number ID, and basic math operations, plus it’s a hands-on activity, which means more purposeful practice. 🔴Have you ever wanted a BUNDLE of dice games and simple activities that you could pull out for math tubs and use ALL year long? ➡️Then this bundle is definitely for you and your little learners! 🎲39 different dice games that can be played with or without partners. ➡️And don’t forget that playing games with others can promote social and emotional development, as it encourages turn-taking, sharing, and communication.#kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #handsonlearning #morningbins

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Providie visual aids like number lines or pictures to aid in reinforcing the concept of subtraction. (Subtraction Slide **FREEBIE**)


💡Did you know you can use zipper storage bags as a hands-on subtraction activity?😀I’ve done this in years past, but I wrote the numbers on the baggie. And making one for every student was time consuming. So I decided to make a simple one to print out and just tape to the baggie. Little Learners use the zipper slide to start on the initial number and slide backwards to determine the difference.🤩One tip: Tape the number line up closer to the top of the baggie, so the numbers are closer to the zipper. #kindergartenchaos #handsonlearning #subtraction #kindergartentips #kindergartenmath

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Purposeful Practice

Encouraging your little learners to apply subtraction in everyday scenarios like sharing snacks or counting objects can demonstrate the real-world relevance of this skill. Providing positive feedback and recognition when they effectively solve subtraction challenges can enhance their self-assurance and enthusiasm for further learning.

It’s important to be patient and provide ample opportunities for meaningful practice to ensure that your little learners master the skill of subtraction effectively. (Math Tool Kit For Little Learners) and (Purposeful Math Centers For Little Learners)

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