How do you teach your students the academic standard RL.K.3? Do you need a fun, interactive and purposeful way for Teaching Story Elements To Little Learners? Here is an activity that is perfect for teaching this concept.

Books and story telling are fundamental to kindergarten. Since children the world over loves stories, retelling a story with purpose and fun is a very important academic skill. After sharing my “retelling bracelets”, I have been asked a number of times how to use these with little learners. This is how!!

Read Aloud

Retelling a story can be so much fun and meaningful. Just pick a book and have a read-aloud with the whole group. This can be done with small group, partners, and even independently. I love the book “Gingerbread Man”, but any book will do.

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Purposeful Practice

Next, grab your “retelling bracelets” and practice retelling the story and working on the story elements. Students move the beads for each story elements. An excellent hands-on approach to effective and meaningful practice. (Bonus–fine motor practice as well!!)

Retelling Bracelets

I usually have a volunteer pre-make the bracelets. Start with a simple pipe cleaner. Then add the 5 colored pony beads. I use a white bead for characters, black for setting, green for beginning, yellow for middle, and red for end.


Make a class set of bracelets and use them all year long! Check out my Retelling Story Activities for more details! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #teachersoftiktok #handsonlearning

♬ Confidence – Lux-Inspira

Included Printables:

•Retelling Interactive Anchor Chart Pieces
•Gingerbread Man Retelling Pieces
•Retelling Bracelet Recording Sheet (2 versions)
•Retelling Bracelet Recording Sheet w/ Picture Drawing
•Retelling Bracelet Recording Sheet w/ Writing Lines
•Retell Puzzle w/ Picture Drawing
•Retell Puzzle w/ Writing Lines
•Retell Flip Book
•Story Elements Prompt Cards
•Story Element Bookmark
•Journal Flip Book w/ Picture Drawing
•Journal Flip Pages w/ Writing

Your students will love this fun and engaging way to practice story elements. Not only is this a meaningful activity, but a low-prep resource for teachers. A win-win!!

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