Hi friends! I hope you have been enjoying this 31 Days of Kindergarten series. 🙂 I have shared almost all of the stations that implement in my kindergarten classroom. Today I am sharing tips for Teaching Kindergartners to Use the ABC Word Work Station.

Supply List & Ideas for creating a Word Work Station in your Kindergarten classroom!

What is the ABC Word Work Station?

This station focuses on letters and words and requires the most differentiation and choices. The ABC Word Work Station is the one station that can be done anywhere. Most of the materials can be taken back to a student’s seat, or anywhere in the classroom. You could consider this station the ‘most portable’ station!

Supplies For A Word Work Station

There is not a right or wrong way to create a word work station in your classroom. The following list is supplies that I have purchased that have been used over and over!

Teach Students About The Word Work Station

Other Skills Strengthened

Word Work Activity Ideas

More Word Work Activities

We have a whole other blog post that shares our favorite word work activities. With how-to prep, standards focused on, student instructions and more! You can see all of them here.

The best ideas for Word Work activities for your kindergarten classroom!

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  1. Hi, I am looking for the sheet that charts how many sight words a child knows. Once they know 10, 20 etc, they get a sticker on the right hand side. I could not find that on your site. It is a really cute idea.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Angela, do you know where you saw this list? I’m just trying to figure out which one you are talking about. 🙂

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