How are you Teaching Blends To Little Learners? Do you need some ideas and activities to help with this important academic literacy skill? Here are some of my tips for you.

First of all, what is a blend? A blend is 2 consonants that come together but retain their own sounds. This must be introduced and explicitly taught to your little learners in order to gain fluency. Here’s how!!!

Anchor Charts

As you know, I always use an anchor chart to introduce any new skill. Start with the blend you are introducing and write it on the anchor chart. Next, collaborate with the students on adding words to the chart. (Don’t forget to use students name.)


After the introduction and whole group collaboration, it’s time for independent practice. Use the practice worksheets from the “All About Blends Bundle” for easy, print and go, no-prep activities.

All About Blends Bundle. This inlcudes R, L and S blends with no prep activities that can be used individually or in small groups daily.

Blends Anchor Chart

After the independent practice activity, add the “blends” to the specific anchor chart you have created for your students to see and review the blends they have learned and are practicing.


Have you started teaching blends yet?🙋🏻‍♀️Here is a systematic way of introducing and teaching about blends. 1️⃣Introduce what a blend is 2️⃣Anchor Chart where students & teacher collaborate to add specific blend words (don’t forget to add any student names too!) 3️⃣Independent practice 4️⃣Add blend badge/button to anchor chart ➡️I have resources for ‘l’ blends, ‘r’ blends and ‘s’ blends, along with a bundle that includes all of them! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #teachertips #kindergartentips #teachertok

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos

Not only is this the way to explicitly teach blends with purpose and fun, but to have meaningful practice for academic success!!

Activities For Blends

All of the following activities are included in the above bundle for added savings.

Decodable Readers With Blends

Now that your little learners have learned their blends, they must practice reading with truly decodable books. This is a decodable book focused on blends that is purposeful, engaging and truly decodable as well as developmentally appropriate for your students.

This is included in the Bundle for added savings.

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