Are you a teacher with students who have difficulties with boundaries? Do your little learners struggle with keeping their learning resources organized and contained within the classroom? If so, here’s an amazing Teacher Tip: Using Hula Hoops In the Classroom!

In a kindergarten classroom, you may encounter students who are extremely tidy, those who lack personal space, those who intrude on others’ personal space, and those who make a mess wherever they go. Fortunately, there is a solution to these common issues that can help you create a structured and welcoming environment for all your little learners.

Hula Hoops!!

Have you ever considered using hula hoops as a means of creating boundaries or organizing your classroom? These versatile rings offer a simple yet effective solution to these common issues. Hula hoops are readily available from the Dollar Store to Amazon. They are a budget-friendly and convenient tool for any teacher.

Tip #1

Encourage your little learners to gather all their supplies and learning resources within a hula hoop circle. It’s a fun and creative way to keep everything organized!

Tip #2

One way to help with personal space issues is to assign your students their own hula hoop space for their personal supplies. It is important to remind them that they cannot enter or use someone else’s circle without permission.


🚨Teacher Tip Alert!🚨 Sometimes Little Learners struggle with boundaries and keeping their materials in one place. 👉🏻Try Hula Hoops! I have a small and medium size from DollarTree and they work wonders at containing materials and maintaining center/station boundaries! ❤️Like, Save and Share this post as a reminder! 💬Let me know what you think of this tip too!😍 #kindergartenchaos #teachersoftiktok #kidsactivities #teachertips #teacherhack

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I hope this Teacher Tip: Using Hula Hoops In the Classroom proves helpful in managing your classroom and establishing boundaries for your Little learners. This is just one of many fantastic tips from Kindergarten Chaos! See My Top 3 Kindergarten Tips For Teachers for more!!

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