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Teacher Organization: 2 Things You Will Only Have To Do Once To Stay Organized All Year!

Being organized and prepared for a new school year makes me less anxious and excited! Here are a few things that help my year go smoothly!

New Student Packet

A few years ago on Pinterest I saw a new student packet and I have done this every year since. It has made my life so much easier!

New Student Packet

The packet includes anything you give students at open house (enrollment forms, back to school information, all about me forms, etc) as well as things you use around the classroom such as: decorations with students names, name tags, folders, notebooks, etc.  I put everything into a zip lock baggie and when a new student enters my classroom I will pull out a packet and have everything ready to go!

Look Who's In Our Room

In this situation I would make sure to include an owl in the packet, it just makes it a little more fun for them.

Substitute Binder or Substitute Tub

Tips For Teacher: How To Always Be Ready For A Sub. You Never Know When You'll Have To Miss Work

If you are anything like me, sub plans are the worst, it takes me so much time and energy to type everything out, (such as classroom management, student information, behavior plans, schedule, etc.) this is why I do this once a year and place everything in a sub binder. Having my own child and working with students there always comes a time when I can’t make it into work. My first few years I would drive into work and make sub plans up before the sub arrived and then head home but, with a baby who is sick that is not possible so I put everything that is needed in ONE spot!

Inside of Substitute Binder

A look inside!

Included is everything that is needed to teach the lessons provided. At the start of each school year I will complete at least 5 days worth of lesson plans, just in case! 

Books for Substitute Binder

All the books are included in the binder that are needed for the lessons.

Activities & Materials inside Substitute Binder

All activities and materials (other than crayons, markers, glue, etc) are included in the binder.

Substitue Binder 2

My substitute binder sits nicely in the corner of my desk so anyone can find it if needed. 

The Substitute Survival Guide can be found Here. I did not create this but do love it! 

Emergency Sub Plans

In the past I have used a tub but prefer the Substitute Survival Guide.

These are just two things that I will always do during summer or the first few weeks of school to make my life easier and to stay more organized!

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