At this time of year, we teachers often begin introducing and teaching addition to our kindergarteners. It’s well known that using the “I do, You do, We do” method is highly effective for teaching any skill, and particularly in math. Here are some helpful tips Starting Addition in Kindergarten that will help you intentionally teach with purpose and fun!!!

Introducing Addition

When teaching any new concepts or skills, I always try to start with picture books. This is the “I do” part of the teaching strategy. Children enjoy being read to, and it’s an effective way to keep them engaged while introducing a new concept. The same goes for addition – there are many fantastic books that can help teach this math concept. For some examples of my personal favorites, check out the link HERE.

Whole Group

During the “We Do” phase of the teaching strategy, create an interactive anchor chart with your kindergarteners. This helps you provide clear and explicit explanations for each addition strategy. By incorporating their input, you can determine the extent of their knowledge and their ability to apply the skills taught. Using anchor charts is a highly effective method of introducing academic skills and monitoring student progress.

During whole group, provide your little learners with their own activity books or worksheets. This allows them to engage directly with the specific strategy being taught, while you model and demonstrate how to apply the addition strategy you are teaching.

Independent Practice

Independent practice is the “I do” phase of the teaching strategy. To ensure mastery of the skill, it is crucial you provide ample opportunities for purposeful practice with a variety of hands-on activities. This gives you the opportunity to assess each student’s progress. More practice and exposure to the skill will help your little learners achieve mastery.

Addition Strategies Must-Have Resource

Looking for a tool to teach the 9 different addition strategies to your little learners? Look no further! I have created an all-in-one download that has everything you need to make addition easy and accessible for your students.

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