This school year has been different to say the least. We don’t need to summarize it any farther than that, but let’s focus on one problem that I am constantly seeing. MASKS. Most teachers and students are required to wear them most if not all of the school day. This can lead to a whole bunch of problems and annoyances. That is why I am happy to enlighten you on how I solved this problem!

Solving The Mask Problem At School

Que the best tip ever: Protect ED!
Protect Ed is a leading personal protective equipment company. They are helping schools nationwide in preparing children and staff for in person school and activities. They have identified the needs of both children and adults and created PPE solutions to help carry out safety plans.

This company is backed by a medical team that has done facial studies to develop face masks that actually fit children in Pre-K through 2nd grade. They have made masks that are smaller in width and height as well as having shorter ear loops. They also have a special heat weld that allows the mask to lay and fit better on the cheeks of a child.

Why is this special? Why is this important?

If a child’s face mask is too loose, it will not provide the protection that is required. The mask is useful for protecting not only the student who is wearing it, but those around him/her also. Protect ED’s primary student face masks are appropriately sized, protective and comfortable. This means that children will wear them for longer periods of time.

The perfect solution to a problem that most teachers are facing: MASKS! These are the best ones out there! #facemasks #inpersonschool #PPE

Protect ED is the only company that currently offers these specialized masks for younger children. They are hoping to ensure that all students and staff can go back to school and stay safe.

Protect ED also offers an intermediate mask, designed for students in 3rd through 6th grade.

You know what is even more amazing?? The primary student face masks are only $.49 each!!

The perfect solution to a problem that most teachers are facing: MASKS! These are the best ones out there! #facemasks #inpersonschool #PPE

Ready to order?

  1. Click on this link
  2. Enter the number of masks you want to order and click Add to Cart
  3. View your card to confirm the order
  4. Proceed to checkout and enter shipping and payment information

It’s that easy! You and your classroom will be protected so simply!

Don’t stop there, though. Follow Protect ED on Instagram and on Facebook for more information and tips.

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