Are you looking for a fun winter themed literacy activity to help your students learn how to identify and write their name? This editable names activity can help students focus on their first, last or both names, all while making an adorable snowman!

Editable Printable Snowman Names Activitty
Editable Printable Snowman Names Activity to help students learn how to spell their names and in the correct order. A fabulous winter literacy activity for the classroom.

Let’s start identifying and practicing our last names after Winter Break! This Snowman Editable Name Activities is perfect for pre-k, t-k and kindergarten little learners!

Snowman Names Activity

What’s Included:

Standards Focused On:

Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.

Supplies Needed:

How To Use:

This activity has options! You can print the blank circles for students to write in their own letters, or you can edit and add each student’s letters. There are also (2) snowball size options as well! Children will cut out the circles containing the letters of their names and paste on a piece of blue construction paper. Don’t forget to have students use 1 snowball for the snowman’s head/face and then cut out his/her arms and accessories!

What Teachers Are Saying:

“I love that this is a fun and engaging activity that helps students with their last names. As a Kindergarten goal, students need to know how to write their first and last names, and this is a great way to practice! It also makes for a cute decoration to hang in the classroom! Great resource!” – Lauren

“Thank you” – Aimee

“Love it” – Melissa

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