I LOVE having a sensory table in my classroom! It is a great partnership of hands-on learning and purposeful and meaningful activities. I use this seasonal winter snow themed cards as the center of a fun sight word activity. These work great in a sensory bin as well as other ideas.

Add these EDITABLE sight word cards to your sensory bin, pocket chart or as a write the room to help your students practice sight words this winter.

The main way that I use this activity is in a sensory bin. I will prep the cards, place them in a sensory bin filled with fake snow. When using these cards in this type of activity, children will pull a card, identify the sight word and then write the words on one of the including recording sheets.

Besides a sensory bin, you can also use these sight word cards in the following ways:

Besides being able to use these sight word cards in multiple ways, these cards are also editable. That means you can add YOUR OWN sight words to them. It’s super easy to make these cards relevant to your curriculum and your students. Just simply type the words into the text boxes and print from there.

Prepping this activity will be easier with these supplies:



Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. 

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