Spring Fill in the Blank Simple Sight Word Sentence Boom™ Cards Digital Learning


Help students explore & understand weather and seasons with these fun, engaging Boom Cards.


A fun, spring themed boom deck, to help students practice with simple sight word sentences. This will include reading the sentence and choosing the word to finish the sentence, or fill in the blank.

Spring Simple Sight Word Sentences Boom Cards

These cards focus on 2-4 letter words.
Each boom card includes an image which reflects the subject of the sentence. This is a visual cue to help them read the sentence. They will then choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

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How To Use These Boom Cards:

A Boom Deck to help your students learn all about and practice choosing the correct word to complete the simple sentence.

There are 24 cards in all, which gives students a wide variety of different sentences. Various lengths of sentences as well as lengths of the words. Children will strengthen clicking skills as well.

This boom deck is a perfect addition to your weather unit, spring or basically any time of the year.


Help kindergarteners strengthen literacy skills by working with simple sentences.


For more information about plus tips and tricks for using Boom Cards in your classroom, Read This.

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