Plant Life Cycle Science Boom™ Digital Learning Task Cards


An interactive game to help children explore plants. This includes the life cycle of a plant, what plants need, various types of plants, and more. Counting and visual discrimination skills are also strengthened.


A STEM themed Plant Life Cycle Boom Deck with a variety of interactive activities for learning about Plants.

Let’s Explore STEM: Plant Life Cycle Boom Cards

The focus of this deck is exploring plants. This includes types of plants, the life cycle of plants, the needs of plants, the parts of plants and more!

These will also touch on counting and visual discrimination skills, both clicking and dragging skills and more.

There are 15 cards in all.


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Let's Explore STEM: Plant Life Cycle Boom Deck.

How To Use These Boom Cards:

A Boom Deck to help your students learn all about and practice choosing the correct word to complete the simple sentence.

There are 15 cards in all, which gives students a wide variety of interactive activities to explore plants. Children will strengthen visual discrimination, counting, clicking and dragging skills as well.

This boom deck is a perfect addition to your STEM units, spring or summer weeks and more.



For more information about plus tips and tricks for using Boom Cards in your classroom, Read This.

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