Dental Health Tooth Subtraction Boom™ Digital Learning Task Cards


A fun, two step Simple Subtraction Boom Card game to help kids practice subtraction with numbers 1-10. This Boom Deck has a Dental Health theme. Kids will cover the teeth in the mouth to help them solve the equation as well as picking the correct answer.


Students will practice simple subtraction using numbers 1-10. Children will X out the correct number of teeth to help solve the problem and then click on the arrow with the correct answer.

Dental Health Simple Subtraction Boom Cards

With 20 different cards, kids will be able to practice almost all numbers more than once.

Each card has audio instructions as well as written instructions. This helps make this game extremely user friendly even for kindergarten age children.

Boom cards are self grading & already set up. There is basically no prep with Boom Cards, which makes lesson planning a breeze. This is a perfect addition to your Dental Health unit.

With these Simple Subtraction Boom Cards, children will strengthen number skills as well as clicking and moving the mouse.

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How To Use These Boom Cards:

There are two parts to this simple subtraction activity. Students will first identify the subtraction equation. They will then slide the correct number of Xs over the teeth to the mouth to signify all the teeth that need to be subtracted. When they are done with that, they will select the arrow with the correct answer to the equation.

For example:
Equation is 5-3=?. They will slide 3 xs over to cover 3 teeth. They can then see that there are two left, helping them solve the subtraction problem. They will then click on the arrow that has the 2 on it and click submit.


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