All About the Weather & Seasons Boom™ Digital Learning Task Cards


Help students explore & understand weather and seasons with these fun, engaging Boom Cards.

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Students will learn about and practice aspects of common weather and seasons.

All About Weather & Seasons Boom Cards

There are multiple activities in this boom deck.


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How To Use These Boom Cards:

A Boom Deck to help your students learn all about and practice weather & seasons. These cards focus on sun, rain, thunder & lightening storms, snow, wind, clouds with sun, rainbows and more. These cards will also have children think about clothing that is typically appropriate for the different seasons. Children will also get to fill in the template based on Weather Woman Wendy’s forecast.

There are 15 cards in all.
Children will practice online skills including dragging, clicking, and more.

This boom deck is a perfect addition to your weather unit, spring or basically any time of the year. We have weather all year round, so it makes sense.



For more information about plus tips and tricks for using Boom Cards in your classroom, Read This.

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