Have you noticed how kids these days light up at the word ‘challenge’? They dive headfirst into tasks that come with that magic word! I love transforming educational games into thrilling challenges for little learners whenever I can. The “Beat The Clock” game uses Sand Timers in Kindergarten and hits the nail on the head – it’s gripping, full of zest, encourages speedy learning, and, best of all, it’s an absolute blast!

In the magical land of kindergarten, we embark on a quest to conquer skills like Number ID, CVC words, and sight words. Our mission? Not just to nail these skills, but to do it with lightning speed and pizzazz!

Enter the epic “Beat The Clock” game – a turbo-charged tool to level up in all the kindergarten skill realms and beyond. This high-octane challenge ignites a fiery passion in little learners to rock these skills like never before.

“Beat the Clock”

Preparing this fluency game is incredibly easy. There’s no need to print, cut, or laminate anything. Just take some sentence strips, incorporate the skill you want your students to work on, and organize them in your pocket chart. Get your sand timer and pointer ready, and you’re all set to begin playing.

As previously stated, the goal here is to improve fluency. Our aim is to help little learners enhance their speed in a specific skill, and adding a ‘challenge’ element can be motivating. Once everything is ready, students can pick up the pointer (it gives them a sense of importance, doesn’t it?). When the timer begins, they will point to the items while reading aloud. Naturally, they will strive to surpass their previous time, so we typically go through it twice with each child.

But wait, there’s more! This game is as versatile as a chameleon at a rainbow party. It can be a whole group activity, a partner practice quest, or an independent activity. – it’s a game for all!!

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