Do you have rainbow drawers in your kindergarten classroom? I know firsthand how handy they can be for organizing activities for little learners. However, I’m often asked, “What do I put in these drawers?” Here are some great ideas to help you use these Rainbow Drawers In The Classroom.

Rainbow Drawers: A Must-Have for Kindergarten Classrooms!

In my opinion, rainbow drawers are an essential item for every kindergarten classroom. Not only are they multi-functional and add a splash of color, they are strong and reliable. (I have had only one set crack, and that was because of a student’s uncontrollable meltdown.) They offer the perfect vertical storage solution for activities, while being easily accessible for little hands and arms to retrieve.

Rainbow drawers can serve many purposes, making them a valuable investment. Here are some additional benefits of having rainbow drawers in your classroom:


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Utilizing These Rainbow Drawers

Whether you prefer keeping these stationary or moving them around the room, rainbow drawers are an excellent tool for organizing academic activities. You can assign each drawer tower to a specific skill, such as math or literacy, or mix and match them to keep the learning experience varied. These are fantastic for the Monthly Literacy and Math Activity Bundles.


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Simply place a designated activity with all the necessary supplies into an organizational bag and store it in a drawer. You can have one tower for math and another for literacy. When it’s time to practice a particular skill, have your little learners rotate to the relevant drawer tower and choose the activity they wish to complete. This approach not only provides easy access to multiple activities but also empowers little learners to make choices, promoting academic success.

Literacy Rainbow Drawer Activities

Math Rainbow Drawer Activities

The IKEA Trofast Drawers are an excellent option and work just as well as the rainbow drawers. Personally, I have both and utilize them equally. Choose the option that best suits you and your little learners.

I hope this gave you some more information and ideas on using these amazing drawers in your kindergarten. I have two sets of rainbow drawers and love them!!! They’ve been fantastic for keeping little learners engaged in meaningful and engaging academic activities. With 20 drawers, little learners can choose from a wide range of activities that focus on the skills they’re currently working on. These drawers are a wonderful way to make academic practice both meaningful and fun!

Efficient Classroom Organization Of Materials & Activities has more ideas and information for storage for your classroom.

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  1. I watched one of your videos on IG and you said you had 9 stations. My question is all the items you listed above are for letters, so would you have a rainbow tower at each station with the different activities they can do in the tower? Writing would have their own tower, ABC Letters would have their own tower etc….

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