More and more educators are turning to the Science of Reading (SOR) approach to help their little learners acquire reading skills. This method emphasizes explicit teaching and multiple opportunities to practice. If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to reinforce academic skills, consider setting up a puzzle station in your classroom. Here are some Puzzle Station Ideas For SOR to get you started.

Are Puzzles Really Useful?

Puzzles are an excellent educational tool for little learners who are just learning their letters and literacy skills. By using puzzles, children can improve their literacy skills in a fun and engaging way. Here are some reasons why puzzles are an effective way to practice these skills with your little learners:

Overall, puzzles can be a great way to supplement your little learners literacy education and make learning a fun and interactive experience.

Puzzle Station

Integrating puzzle stations in your classroom can be an enjoyable and effective way for your little learners to practice academic skills. By offering a variety of puzzles, you are allowing students to have free choice in selecting one to work on. This way, they can have fun and enjoy practicing while developing their skills.

Puzzle Activities For Your Station

Alphabet Picture Puzzles are a fun and interactive way for kids to learn. These self-correcting puzzles are perfect for your little learners and provide hands-on experience to help develop fine motor skills. It’s a must-have for your puzzle station, and also aligns with SOR standards. You can find them here at Kindergarten Chaos or my TPT Store.

Alphabet Year Long Puzzles are a great addition to your station. These puzzles not only enhance letter recognition skills but also promote fine-motor development and problem-solving ability. Your little learners will definitely enjoy them! You can find them here at Kindergarten Chaos or my TPT Store.

Puzzles are not only enjoyable and captivating, but when integrated into your SOR activities station, they become both meaningful and purposeful. Your little learners will love this station so much that they’ll want to come back over and over again.

Check out “Puzzle Activities For The Kindergarten Classroom” for more information.

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