Kindergarten classrooms are easily recognizable by the many colors, numbers, letters and pictures decorating the room. Is your classroom decor fun and inviting yet contributes to a meaningful learning environment?

The best ways to help create purposeful kindergarten classroom decor. This can help encourage learning beyond instruction time.

It can be challenging to decorate your kindergarten classroom with academic purpose, yet be fun and engaging for your students. There are so many choices available. What can we buy that depicts as many educational skills as possible, is economical, and helps stimulate a learning environment?

Posters and Banners

I have found that the more academic skills on display, there is more opportunity for learning and reinforcement. We have all purchased a poster or banner thinking it was cute and would add an academic component to our classroom. We soon realized, however, it was just taking up precious educational wall space!! They added little benefit to our developmental goals for our students. Not only should they be exhibiting academic skills, they should also stimulate your students imagination. Here are some poster products that are purposeful with the added bonus of being instantly downloadable and printable.


Educators understand and manage classrooms with precise scheduling. Research has shown that children thrive when there are very clear and concise expectations and requirements. Anxiety is alleviated and classroom management is maintained when students know what to expect. Having schedules displayed for all to see is one way to reinforce routine.

I created these simple, fully editable Daily Schedule Cards to add to your classroom. Each schedule card has an analog clock face, where the teacher or student can add the clock hands to match the scheduled time. Laminate these cards and use a dry-erase or Vis-a-Vis marker to easily change times or use year after year.

Light Boxes can be found just about anywhere and are the perfect for the classroom! They are so cute and there are soooo many ways to use them! I created these Daily Special slides to put in my light box to remind the kids AND the parents of our daily special!

Anchor Charts

Since Anchor Charts are a staple in the kindergarten classroom, use them to decorate your room. Install a clotheslines across the room. Then after writing or drawing on the chart, hang them on the clothesline. This utilizes the empty space above your heads. Voila!!! More handmade, meaningful and educational decorations!!! See blog post “Classroom Management Anchor Charts”, “Must-Make Kindergarten Anchor Charts” and “Kindergarten Classroom Reveal Pictures” for more Anchor Chart ideas.

Ten Frames

Ten Frames for 180 days of school is a **FREEBIE** I created for math instruction. These ten frames can be printed out and displayed on a bulletin board or wall. Thus becoming multipurpose classroom decor!!!

Click here to go to post “Kindergarten Classroom Reveal Pictures” for more ideas and pictures on classroom decorating,

Making sure all of your kindergarten classroom decorations are purposeful, stimulate imagination, and create an effective learning environment should be the goal in all your purchases.

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