Do you want a fun, engaging, and purposeful Pumpkin Pie Number Representations Game For Kinders that is holiday themed for this time of year? Check out this multi-purposeful activity for your little learners.

This is a stimulating and purposeful counting math game that is pumpkin pie themed. Perfect for this thanksgiving holiday season. Not only does this activity have several different game boards, but also has different number representation cards as well. Numerals 1-10, tally marks 1-10, ten frames 1-10 as well as fingers 1-10 are all included.

Students will draw a number representation card. They then can use kid size tweezers to pick up a pom pom or cotton ball as the whipped cream. Now the “whipped cream” can be placed on the pumpkin pie game board. Not only are they practicing number representation, but honing fine motor skills as well.


It’s Pumpkin Pie time!🥧This pumpkin pie counting & number representations game is fun for small groups, partners or even played independently! 🧡I like to use white Pom-Poms for the ‘whipped cream’ and kid tweezers and spoons. This gives little learners extra fine-motor muscle practice.😉Number representations included in this resource include ten-frames, fingers, tally marks and numerals. #kindergartenchaos #handsonlearning #kindergartenteacher #kindergartenmath #teachertok #homeschool #teachertips #novemberactivities

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Use this at your math station, for a group activity, small group or individual activity. Your kindergarteners will have fun playing this game while practicing their differentiated counting math skills.

What’s Included:

Number Representation Cards Included

This is an easy, low-prep Pumpkin Pie Number Representations Game For Kinders activity that is a must for the kindergarten classroom.

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