I love using monster activities for the days leading up to Halloween. It is a great way to be all inclusive but still add a ‘spooky’ or ‘scary’ vibe to your classroom! This Roll A Monster Game is not only fun but super versatile too!

Roll A Monster FREEBIE! Use butcher paper & this printable to help children with kindergarten skills!

Roll A Monster Game

I keep hearing, from teachers, that they want more butcher paper activities. So here we go! This Roll A Monster Game is not only free but can use butcher paper! This is perfect for the days leading up to Halloween!

This is a versatile activity because it can be used as a whole classroom activity, with small groups or even individually. This game can be played on a dry erase board, butcher paper or even construction paper.

How To Play

Students will roll a dice. They will then count around the printable game board. Whichever square they land on, will show them what they are supposed to add to the monster! They will play until they have created the monster they are happy with!

It is THAT easy! And FUN!

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