Looking for fun and educational activities to accompany picture books for your kindergarten class? Look no further! Check out these popular Picture Books and Activities for Little Learners. Your students will love learning and practicing academic skills with these engaging materials.

As a kindergarten teacher, it’s important to have a variety of picture books on hand to read to your students and keep in the classroom library. (Picture Books In the Kindergarten Classroom). While some of these books cover specific topics or skills, finding printable activities to go along with them can be a challenge. Many resources offer an overwhelming amount of activities, making it difficult to choose or complete them within the given timeframe. That’s why I decided to create resources with a manageable amount of printable activities to supplement these picture books.

Reading and literacy is one of the most important skills we teach in kindergarten. Having activities to go along with books not only reinforces the skills, but makes it fun and enjoyable. Thus providing academic success to our little learners.

Activity Ideas


Encourage your students to retell the story in their own words, using pictures or puppets to act it out. This helps develop their comprehension and oral language skills.


Put the events of the story in order, using picture cards or writing/drawing in a sequence booklet. This helps develop their understanding of story structure and sequencing skills.


Write or draw about their favorite part of the story, or create their own ending to the story. This helps develop their writing skills and creativity.


Introduce new vocabulary words from the story. Have your students use them in sentences or draw pictures to demonstrate their understanding. This helps develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Picture Books Activity Packs

Here are the Picture Books Activity Packs that are fun, engaging and purposeful. All of these can be found in TPT as well as Kindergarten Chaos Store. They all include 3-4 manageable activities that align with academic standards for your little learners.


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By incorporating these types of activities into your teaching, your can help your little learners develop strong literacy skills and a love for reading that will benefit them throughout their academic careers and beyond.

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