The need for understanding pattern and sorting is imperative for young students. Reading, writing and math are all subjects learned with patterns and sorting skills. Do you need a Pattern and Sorting Activity For Little Learners that is fun, engaging and purposeful?

Pattern and Sorting Activities

Even though patterns and sorting are no longer a kindergarten standard, primary educators know that this is the basis for critical thinking and problem solving skills. Recognizing patterns results in academic success.

Pattern recognition is the building block to understanding numbers and literacy. Patterns follow rules. Sorting gives little learners practice exploring with these rules. Having hands-on activities for your kindergartens to practice these rules is imperative.

Simple Sorting

Here is an activity I created to use with my anchor charts and pocket charts. This is a perfect activity for whole group, small group, partner or independent practice. Colors, 2D Shapes, Sizes, Letters & Numbers are all included in this engaging and purposeful activity.


Your students will love this simple, engaging, and low-prep Pattern and Sorting Activity For Little Learners.

Alphabet Sorting

These alphabet picture cards can be used to sort by beginning sounds. Since these are colorful and engaging alphabet cards, they can be used with your pocket or anchor charts for your whole group, small group, or station activity.

This comes with a huge assortment of picture cards to match every letter of the alphabet.

Anchor Chart

I use anchor charts to introduce many kindergarten concepts first as a whole group. Here is a picture of my anchor chart on sorting. Always make anchor charts with your students. However, you can reuse these year after year if you so choose.

Apple Activity

Do you want another sorting activity for your students? Sorting apples is included in this activity pack that I created to be used in the fall.

Check out “Apple Activities In Kindergarten” for more about fall apple activities.


Since I am a firm believer in hands-on activities for little learners, I try to find many different activities to practice the skills I am introducing. Here is one such activity that is a lot of fun for kindergarteners. Students use tweezers to put pom poms into test tube containers. They record the patterns on the **FREEBIE** recording sheet. This is not only perfect for patterns, but counting and cardinality as well. Activity can be use for whole group, small group, stations or even independent practice.

Not only is this activity purposeful, but it hones fine motor skills and its a ***FREEBIE**!!! Win- Win!!!

Pocket Charts

This is a brand new beginning sound sorting activity for your pocket charts.

What’s Included:

Not only great for pocket chart sorting, but your little learners can use for your sensory bin activities and magnet boards as well. Multi- purposeful!!!

Do you need more information on pocket charts and anchor charts? Go to “The Pocket Chart Station in the Kindergarten Classroom“. Go to “Must-Make Kindergarten Anchor Charts” and “Classroom Management Anchor Charts” for more information and ideas on anchor charts.

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