Do you have a Dental Health Unit coming up? We usually study dental health in February of each school year. This is a fun unit but is also very important. Just as any other element of health, dental health is crucial for kids to grasp! This Parts Of A Tooth Art Project is a fun, hands on activity that would be a perfect addition.

Parts Of A Tooth Craftivity

A Parts Of The Tooth Craftivity for dental health week in elementary school. Kids will enjoy labeling, gluing, cutting and more while learning about each part of the tooth. #kindergartenteacher #learningprintable #dentalhealthmonth #partsofatooth

Supplies Needed:

Red Yarn
Construction Paper
Writing Utensil

How To Use:

This set comes with a template. There is the outline of the tooth itself, the outline of the crown, the labels of the parts, a picture of a completed project for visual example, as well as directions for teachers.

Students can first cut out the tooth, crown and a piece of yarn.

After cutting out the pieces, students can color the crown any color of choice. Next is to glue these pieces in place.

Next, students should cut out the name pieces and glue them in place. I typically guide students through this part.

This is not only helping students understand the different areas of a tooth, but it is also strengthening cutting and gluing skills, fine motor skills, and labeling. All while having fun.

I find that when I incorporate an element of crafting, my students are always down to learn more. They feel like they are having fun because it is a form of creativity.

This is a fantastic visual way for students to understand the teeth. This is great in a Dental Health Unit or as a stand-alone science activity.

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