During this time of year, one of the key skills that is taught is number writing and formation. If you are looking for some fun and purposeful ideas and activities to engage your kindergarteners, look no further! Check out these fabulous Number Writing Activities For Little Learners that both you and your students will enjoy.

Number writing and formation are critical skills for your little learners to develop as they are foundational skills that will support their math learning throughout their academic career. Here are some reasons why number writing and formation are so important:


When teaching number writing and formation to your kindergarteners, it’s important to make it fun and engaging. Here are some activities that can be used for purposeful practice:


These are a MUST for the new school year and for your Little Learners! 🔢These number mats include numbers 0-0 and can be printed in black/white or full-color!➡️ These can be used in math tubs, small groups or even morning bins! ➡️Available by itself or in a BUNDLE, if you want Alphabet, Numbers, CVC word and Sight/HF Word Pattern Block Bundle!⭐️#kindergartenchaos #backtoschool2023📓 #kindergarten #kindergartenteacher #finemotordevelopment #Education #numbers #Math #morningbins

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In conclusion, number writing and formation are important skills for your little learners to develop. By making it fun and engaging, students are more likely to enjoy the learning process and develop a strong foundation for their math skills.

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