Are you a fan of Number Picture Puzzles for your kindergarten math stations or tubs? But do you find yourself in a pickle when it comes to storing these activities? Fear not, for I bring you the ultimate Number Picture Puzzle Teacher Tip that will rock your world!

Number Picture Puzzles

I adore tossing these Number Picture Puzzles into my math tubs or stations. They are like magical treasures that can be customized (cue number sequences from 1-10, 11-20, counting by tens, or starting from any number you fancy). Not only do they level up number recognition and sequencing skills, but they also give fine motor skills and puzzle-solving brains a fun workout. The only conundrum? How to store these gems without the pieces pulling a disappearing act or getting all jumbled up by eager little learners?


Once you download and print your fave Number Puzzle, get ready for some DIY magic. Laminate first, then cut into strips and hole punch at the top. Last but not least, loop them together with a mini binder ring. Voilà! You’ve just crafted a nifty way for your kindergarteners to dive into these awesome hands-on learning gems!

This system is also applicable to the Alphabet Puzzles. Remember, both of these activities are designed to provide fun, engaging, and purposeful practice for academic kindergarten skills throughout the year.

Another amazing Number Picture Puzzle Teacher Tip for intentionally teaching little learners with purpose and fun.

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