Teaching and playing with numbers kickstarts the academic journey in kindergarten. Check out these super fun Number Activities for Kindergarten that will have your little learners jumping for joy!

Number Bingo

Number Bingo is not only a fun but also an effective method for little learners to practice their number recognition and counting skills. Simply create a grid pattern on a piece of paper. Place numbers in a random order within each column. Leave the center space free as a “free space”. Print out the bingo cards. Call out random numbers for your students to mark on their cards. This adds an element of surprise and challenge, making the activity even more enjoyable. The interactive nature of Number Bingo keeps kindergartners actively involved and excited about the learning process. This game not only helps with number recognition but also fosters their concentration, attention to detail, and hand-eye coordination.

Counting with Manipulatives

Use objects like counting bears, blocks, or buttons to help your kinders physically count and understand numbers. This hands-on approach is great for tactile learners. (Engaging Counting Activities For Kindergartners)


Counting Jars are the perfect activity for practicing counting & writing numerals! You can differentiate by only using 1-10 amounts or 1-20 amounts. Use those mini erasers or any craft supply you may have as a gun counter. Check my pr0file for freebie! And please share and leave a comment! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #iteachprek #teachersoftiktok #teacher #teachertok #math #homeschool #iteach #kindergarten #littlelearners #teach #education

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Number Tracing

Provide number activities with tracing worksheets for your little learners to trace. This helps with number formation and fine motor skills development. (Explicitly Teaching Numbers)

Number Chants

Introduce catchy number songs and rhymes to make learning numbers enjoyable and memorable for your little learners. Singing along can also improve their number retention.


I created a Number Chants pack AND it includes an audio file of me singing each chant! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #backtoschool2022 #teachertips #learningisfun

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