Did you know that Oriental Trading has a section that is meant for teachers? I didn’t either but now that I do, I am SOLD! It’s called Learn 365 and there is everything from folders, to stackable organization, bulletin board decorations and SO.MUCH.MORE! So as I went shopping I made note of my Top 10 Classroom Finds to share with all of you.

Did you know Oriental Trading has classroom supplies? There are so many fun things, it was hard to choose my top 10!

My Top 10 Classroom Finds From Oriental Trading

1. Liquid Watercolors 

This is what I used with my Rainbow Rice for our sensory bin and it turned out perfectly!!


2. Pom Poms

These are perfect for counting activities, craft projects and fine motor practice!


3. Mini Plinko Game 

This is a lot like my DIY Plinko Game that I use every single year many times!

4. Jumbo Dice

Perfect for math games, PLUS Hard to beat this price for 1 dozen dice!

5. Pocket Chart

A MUST HAVE in your classroom, especially if you have a Pocket Chart Station

7. Interlocking Storage Containers

Perfect for storage of manipulatives and can stack high!

7. Sensory Letters

Perfect to add to your ABC Work with Letters station


8. Magnifying Glasses

Perfect for my hidden sight word activities! (awesome deal on a 10 pc set!)


9. Addition Magnetic Hands-On Activity

Fun and purposeful and perfect to put into math tubs!

10. Uppercase Letter Stamps

Perfect for your writing station & excellent deal too!

I hope My Top 10 Classroom Finds From Oriental Trading help with stocking your classroom with amazing activities and supplies.

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