Ooky, spooky Monsters and they are coming to the classroom!! Usually during the last week of October, I like to have a monster theme week. We read lots of monster books and practice our current skills with monster cross curricular activities. If you follow me on any of my social media channels, then you probably have seen the cool ideas that I share. But one of the most popular ideas is this Monster Ten Frames game. And you know how I LOVE to share freebies, so make sure to scroll down for your free download!

This Monster Ten Frames game includes a monster-theme 10 and 20 frame, as well as number 1-20 cards to match. The game idea is for a student to draw a card and then show that number on the ten/twenty frames. I am using googly eyes from the dollar store on my frames and my kids LOVE it! I also included a black/white version too! You can download it for FREE HERE!

Check out how I played it with one of my students in the video below.

Are you looking for more monster activities?! Of course you are! 😉 I shared how we make Monster Slime in the classroom and integrate it into a purposeful writing project. You can check out Monster Slime, along with the Free Printable tags in this post.

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  1. Your idea of using google eyes in the classroom has inspired us.
    Kids love to use googly eyes anywhere it can be fitted & some use it to haunt their elders.

    Thanks for sharing
    Have a great Day

  2. Good morning. I am trying to find the roll a monster activity you did on Tik Tok. I can’t find it. I have registered my email to receive updates but still no luck. Can you please help me.

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