Why Make Monster Slime?

A few years ago I decided to do an alternate activity on the day before Halloween. The students tend to be a little extra on this day, as they anticipate the costume parade, classroom party and candy!! And since slime has been all the rage over the last few years and most kids love it, Monster Slime was created! I love to have students write recipes and how-to writing, so how perfect is it to write about making this slime?! Use this activity as you see fit.

Supplies for Making Monster Slime – Easy Version

Easy Tutorial

The easiest way to make Monster Slime is to use the ingredients listed above. The Elmer’s Magical Liquid replaces the baking soda and saline solution that is in the other DIY recipe. And surprisingly, you only use a few teaspoons of the magical liquid, so it’s inexpensive to make overall.

  1. Empty glue into large bowl or container

2. Add Elmer’s Magical Liquid – 2 tsps to every 6 oz – This magical liquid is an activator that replaces the baking soda and saline solution/borax that is found in other recipes. Once you start adding this activator, the glue immediately begins to form into slime. You can add more as needed, but ultimately you do not need a lot.

3. Add food coloring, if needed. (I am using glitter glue above and it does not require food coloring.)

4. Begin to stir, as it turns into slime

5. Once slime has formed, separate into individual student slimes. (I’ve used small 2oz containers AND I’ve used snack size baggies.)

6. Add googly eyes (any size works)

7. And finally, don’t forget to add this FREE Label, if you are using baggies!

Special DIY Recipe

Supplies needed:


  1. Empty glue into bowl or container
  2. Add a few drops of food coloring
  3. Add 1/2 tsp baking soda (to every 6 oz of glue)
  4. Add 4-5 tsp saline solution (to every 6 oz of glue)
  5. Stir thoroughly to activate the saline solution and baking soda
  6. Add additional baking soda and/or saline solution as needed
  7. After slime is formed to your liking, separate slime into individual student portions
  8. Add to containers or baggies
  9. Sprinkle in googly eyes
  10. Add Monster Slime labels

Here is another idea to go along with Monster Slime! Create a how-to writing recipe with your students. As you can see from this picture above, my students used inventive spelling to ‘help’ write the recipe. Encourage them to write the sounds that they hear and include a picture of what the Monster Slime will look or looks like. Making Monster Slime can be fun AND meaningful!

FAQs about Monster Slime

How much does (1) 6oz bottle of glue make? It will make 1-2 cups of slime. You can determine how much to give to each student.

What if I want to make enough for an entire class? I used 1/2 gallon of glue to make individual portions for my 23 students.

How much should each student get? I think 1/8 of a cup or 2-3 oz is perfect for each student. Just enough to play, but not an overwhelming amount.

When do I add the googly eyes? I have mixed it in together and I’ve waited until after I have added it to baggies and I prefer adding it after. The eyes seem to get lost when mixing it directly into the slime. Plus, the kids get a kick out of ‘touching’ the eyes and mixing it into their Monster Slime!

What other questions do you have? Leave them in the comments and I will answer and then add them to this post!

And don’t forget to download your FREE Monster Slime Labels here!!

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