Are you prepared for the new school year? Do you need a fresh Mega Supply List for Kindergarten Teachers to ensure you’re not forgetting anything important? Here is a list of the supplies I believe every kindergarten teacher needs for the school year.

Kindergarten Supplies Mega List

After years of experience teaching kindergarten, I’ve put together this comprehensive list of essential supplies. Some of these items may already be available from the previous year, or provided by your school. By using this list to check off your supplies, you’ll be off to a great start for the upcoming school year. Don’t miss out on the **FREEBIE** download!

You can find all of the previously mentioned items, along with activities and usage, in my blog posts. Simply type in the search bar and a post containing the item should appear.

While this isn’t an exhaustive Mega Supply List For Kindergarten Teachers of everything you may require for your kindergarten class, these are the essential items that I’ve discovered to be necessary. Remember, you get to decide what you think is essential for your classroom.

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