Hi  everyone! This is Deirdre from Mrs. Garcia’s Super Scholars here to show you how I set up Math Work Stations in the Classroom!

How To Set Up An Effective Math Work Station In The Classroom - 15 minutes 2 times a week

Math Stations

I’ve always loved the idea of math stations. I’ve tried and failed in the past, but I finally figured out how to make math stations work for me.
I used to think I had to have beautiful, perfectly coordinated pieces that I changed out each week. I burnt out on this, and it wasn’t effective because my kinders didn’t fully understand what to do at each of the 5 new stations introduced that week. Boo!
What works best for me is all about simplicity.
Using simple materials, simple instructions, and simple organization has made my math station time more engaging and rigorous, and has become a favorite time of mine and my students!

Our Math Station Process

I start with simple plastic bins with a lid.
Inside is everything that the team needs to complete their station- no wandering around to find something! Each bin has an “I Can…” sheet, talk bubble, manipulatives, and {sometimes} a recording sheet with crayons/pencil/markers.

I really try to encourage my kids to use words to describe what they are doing. Having their math talk bubble right there gives them a reminder to voice their thoughts, and provides the math vocabulary I’d love to hear from them.

I am a huge proponent of using concrete manipulatives. Every station of mine has manipulatives that students can, well, manipulate. Sometimes I use traditional manipulatives like dominoes, counting bears, or pattern blocks, but my kids really get a kick out of using everyday items for our centers.
Cotton ball “marshmallows”
Eraser caps work well as bowling pins!
The beauty of having simple centers is simple upkeep. I tend to have 8-10 bins at one time, so each student pairing will go through all the stations after about 2 weeks (I also have computer and tablet stations). Some stations stay for a long time, and get a minor change to keep it current (switch out manipulatives to match the season/ monthly theme- seems like a brand new station). I  change half maybe of my stations at a time, so total prep time is about 15 minutes, twice a month. That’s it! Easy peasy mac and cheesy!
Thanks so much for reading about  what goes on in  my classroom! To see more of my class, visit my blog!

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