Are you tired of the paper clip and pencil game ‘spinners’? Then you will love my tutorial today on how to make the BEST EVER, interchangeable game spinner for every game in your classroom!

I have a huge confession to make…I do NOT like the game ‘spinners’ made from paper clips and pencils. I know, I know, teachers everywhere sing their praises and love them to the moon and back…but not me. My kinders have a hard time keeping the pencil steady, while spinning the paper clip and someone always mis-uses it. Don’t get me wrong, I love spinner games. So I  have been wracking my brain on how I could make a spinner that could be used over and over again, without a paper clip and pencil.

Somewhere over the last few months, I saw something similar, but can’t remember exactly when or where. Anyways, here are the details to make your own spinner, including your FREE game spinner template!



Clear CD Case(s)


Plastic Game Spinners


Hot Glue

Editable Game Template

Step 1: Hot Glue spinner to middle-front of CD case.

Step 2: Use editable template to make your own custom game board for spinner.


That is it…it really is that simple! I made a custom game spinner with numbers 1-4, for a spin and color math game and it worked like a charm.  The cd case makes it easy to change in and out whatever game spinner you choose. And the editable game spinner template makes it easy to create whatever skill you choose to work on. The possibilities are endless…sight words, numbers, letters, shapes, or colors. Or maybe you teach older kids and want to add fractions or nouns. Use this interchangeable game spinner to create whatever game you choose!

If you are not into DIY, you can purchase transparent, erasable game spinners on Amazon here.

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  1. When I saw your awesome Kindergarten Chaos character… I just loved it. A fellow long hair skirt wearer here in NC who also loves Jesus.

  2. OMG! I cannot stand those paper clip spinners either. Soo looking forward to this easy and functional spinner. Thanks soo much for sharing.

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