Magnet boards in the kindergarten classroom is an inexpensive yet purposeful and engaging way for your students to learn and reinforce many different skills. Do you need ideas for this multi-purposeful and easily accessible classroom staple?

As an educator, I am a firm believer that little learners need a variety of modalities and manipulatives available for learning and reinforcing academic skills. Magnet boards are one such modality that is multi-purposeful and engaging.

What is a “MAGNET BOARD”?

First of all, you may be asking–“What is a magnet board and where do I get one?” Magnet boards are magnetized sheets that can be used with magnetic letters, numbers, or shapes. They are simply aluminum cookie sheets you can purchase just about anywhere. You can try the dollar stores, Wal-Mart, or Amazon. There are many different sizes and shapes available so check out what will be useful for your students. I have used round, small, medium and large boards for many different activities. A extra large oil pan can be used as well.

Not only are these inexpensive and fun for the students, they are portable! They can be used for stations, sensory tables, individual activities, partner activities, or even whole group activities. Since magnet boards are portable, students can use them anywhere in the classroom.


Literacy activities such as letter id, sounds and cvc/sight words are fun to practice using magnet boards. Using picture, alphabet, or sight word cards along with magnetic letters is one hands-on way to help cement and reinforce literacy skills in a fun and meaningful way. Therefore, your kindergarteners will be engaged while learning. Here are some cards and kits that are perfect for this activity. Easy to download and print for low-prep activities.

This is a brand new activity for your kindergarten students. Perfect for your magnet board activities, but also great for your pocket chart, sorting, and sensory bin activities.

Math/ Numbers

Magnet boards are perfect for number and math activities as well. Your students can practice number id, ordering, adding and subtracting using magnetic numbers and boards, therefore, learning these skills in a fun and meaningful way. Since these boards are so versatile, they can be used with whole group activities, stations, partners, or for individual practice or fast finisher activities.

Large Oil Pan Sized Magnet Board

Do you need or want a large magnet board for your kindergarten classroom? Take a large oil pan that can be purchased at your local auto parts store, attached command strips to the back, then hang on the wall in your classroom. Voila!!! You have the perfect large magnet board for your many kindergarten magnet activities!!

Dry Erase Board

Another way to repurpose these DIY magnet boards is to use as dry erase boards. Your little learners can practice with magnets, then write the skill they are practicing with dry erase markers. Multi-purposeful, yet meaningful and engaging. A win-win!!

What are some others way you can uses these magnet boards in your kindergarten classroom? Feel free to comment on my social media–FB, Instagram, Pinterest and Tik Tok.

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