As November comes to a close, our kindergarten classes have delved into a variety of topics – from turkey and Veterans Day to Thanksgiving. After a long weekend of celebration, we’re back to school for a few days before December arrives. So, what’s next? Consider these Last Minute November Activities For Little Learners that are engaging and fun making the remaining days of the month purposeful, memorable, and enjoyable.

With the end of November approaching, it’s important to keep our little learners engaged and interested in learning. Here are some ideas for last-minute activities to make the most of the remaining days of the month.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Take your little learners on a walk outside to collect items that represent the fall season, such as leaves, acorns, and pinecones. Use these items for a classroom display or art project.

Gratitude Jar

Have your kindergartners write down something they are thankful for on a small piece of paper and put it in a jar. Encourage them to share their gratitude with the class and discuss the importance of being thankful.

Cooking Activity

Have your little leaners help prepare a simple dish, such as pumpkin muffins or applesauce. This not only provides a hands-on learning experience, but also promotes teamwork and following directions. (Applesauce in the Classroom)


Making applesauce in the classroom was one of my favorite activities to do with students!🍏Not only is it easy to do, but use the opportunity for an interactive, developmentally appropriate, writing activity! A recipe card!😍 #kindergartenchaos #teachersontiktok #teachertips #kindergarten #apples #cookingintheclassroom

♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

Giving Back

Encourage your little learners to bring in canned goods or other non-perishable items to donate to a local food bank. Discuss the importance of helping others and making a difference in the community.

By incorporating these last-minute activities, we can ensure that our little learners have a purposeful, memorable, and enjoyable end to the month of November.

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