As kindergarten teachers, we know that teaching writing to beginners starts with labeling pictures.

Labeling pictures that students are familiar with such as classroom supplies, household objects, and especially themes that the class is currently working on, make beginning writing fun and purposeful. There are 42 different Seasonal and Holiday themes included in this set.

To begin their writing skills, you can have the students label the pictures with the beginning letter, cut and paste the word, and as they progress, write the complete word. This type of activity is multi-purpose by engaging the students and exposing them to items they may not come across in their day to day lives, as well as hone fine motor skills by cutting and gluing.

I created this year long bundle to simplify your prepping by doing it for you!!! In this bundle, there is over 40 themes for all seasons. Just print and let the kiddos do the rest.
They can color, cut, glue, and label all the parts.

Supplies Needed:




Crayons/markers/colored pencils


Glue/Sponges/glue sticks

This resource can be used for independent practice, whole group, or with math & literacy stations or anyway you find purposeful.

Are you looking for additional resources in teaching writing to little learners? Here is a course just for you.

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