Kindergarten Subtraction Activities are imperative in order to teach and practice this all important math skill. Your little learners need fun, engaging and purposeful activities in order to practice and cement this concept. Here are a few of my favorites for Pre-k, K, and 1st grade I know you will love!!

If you are looking for different ways to effectively and explicitly teach subtraction , go to post “15+ Fun and Free Ideas for Teaching Subtraction“.

Subtraction Strategies

Subtraction Strategies is a resource that has options and strategies you can actually use!! Not only does this include 8 different strategies or your little learners, but is fun, engaging and purposeful. Easy to download, print and implement into your math skill education program.

Strategies Used in this Product:

Using Fingers

Crossing Out Pictures (seasonal option)

Taking Away Counters or Objects

Draw Dots and Cross Them Out

Using a 10 Frame (5-Frame option included)

Whole Part/Part

Using a Number Line (0-5 Number Line option included)

Count Back

What’s Included:

Subtraction Definition Page

Subtraction Vocabulary Words Page

Important Subtraction Symbols Page

Subtraction Equation with Definition Labels Page

1 specific book page for each subtraction strategy, with a few options

Practice page to accompany each strategy; 8 and 12 equation options

I have included subtraction for numbers 0-5, as well as 0-10

Blank page to include your own additional teaching subtraction strategy

Plus, color and black/white large clip art images to use on anchor charts

Digital Kindergarten Subtraction Activities

Most classrooms have a digital/computer station in the classroom. If you have one and are looking for more activities for your little learners to practice subtraction, these are the ones for you. Not only are these “Boom Cards” colorful and engaging, they are intentional and effective for subtraction practice. Use for partners, individual and fast finisher practice. A must for the kindergarten classroom!!

Go to post “Boom Cards: Everything You Need To Know” for more.

Subtraction Bowling **FREEBIE**

This is a fun and interactive bowling game for hands-on subtraction practice. Go to “Subtraction Bowling FREEBIE” for more information on this **FREEBIE** subtraction game for your little learners.


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Another Subtraction Activity **FREEBIE**

Here is another **FREEBIE** for your little learners. A Spring Subtraction Book. Numbers 0-7 along with fine motor practice are included in this activity. Post “What’s The Difference? – A Spring Subtraction Book” has all the details and information.

Year Long Multi-Skill Editable Activity

Not only is this Color By Code activity a year long bundle and editable to include subtraction practice, it is engaging and purposeful. Perfect for centers, small group, individual and fast finisher practice. A MUST-HAVE for your little learners.

Check out this activity in post “Color By Code“.

Multi-Skill Tumbling Towers Game Activities

Since students love games and hand-on activities, this activity is a win-win in the kindergarten classroom. Editable to add your own skills and perfect for subtraction practice.

Post “Tumbling Towers Jenga Games for the Classroom” has complete description and ideas for this amazing activity for little learners.


DollarTree Tumbling Towers turned into learning games! Letter & Number ID, CVC, Sight Words. 🥰Make learning purposeful & fun! #kindergarten #teacher

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