Hi everyone and please make yourself at home! Are you looking for more Kindergarten Collaboration or more exposure for your blog and/or tpt products? Having had some trials, errors, and success with my other blog Lovin’ Our Chaos, I know what it is like to have a passion and want to share it with everyone! And I’m here to help with a Guest Post Opportunity.

Kindergarten Collaboration

When I first started out blogging, I had tons of ideas that I wanted to share, but felt like a tiny minnow in a BIG pond. The thought crossed my mind that there were so many other ‘big’ bloggers out there, with lots of friends who could share their newest post and ideas. I would have loved for them to share my posts and creations, but no one ‘knew’ who I was in the DIY/Crafting community. After a little while, I connected with some amazing bloggers who were willing to help anyone, regardless of page views or ‘connections’. I will be forever grateful to those people who gave me a chance! Now, it’s my turn to give back…

Guest Bloggers Wanted

I know many of you are sellers on tpt and want to share your creativity with other educators and I would love to help you get your ideas out!! I would love for you to contribute an original blog post (can include links to your TPT store & blog). I will then promote your products to all of my social media channels. Here is my most recent media kit stats:

Kindergarten Chaos Media Kit

If your someone who looks at this and has more followers or are not interested…then feel free to move on! 🙂 But for those who are interested, I would love to have you as my guest and I would love to promote YOU! No strings attached! I am starting off by adding this google doc, for you to sign up in a slot, where you will be featured. Feel free to message me at kindergartenchaos.com if you have any other questions or concerns! I look forward to working with you all!!

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