Back to school, back to reality! But wait, not so fast! Our little learners are still in holiday mode, and getting them back into classroom gear is like herding cats. Fear not, fellow educators! With some clever creativity and classroom management tricks up our sleeves, we can build a fun and functional space for our kindergarteners to thrive and learn. Keep reading for Kindergarten Classroom Management Tips After Winter Break.

The jolly winter holiday is over, and it’s time to get back to the grind. But, getting your kindergarteners to focus in class can be difficult at best. Don’t worry; I’ve got some tips to help you get your little learners back in the classroom groove.


Greet your kindergarteners warmly: Start the day with a smile and a warm greeting for your kiddos. This helps to set a positive tone for the day and makes your students feel welcomed and valued.


Reinforce the importance of routines and procedures in the classroom. This includes things like lining up, taking turns, and following directions. Make sure your little learners understand the expectations and consequences for not following these routines.

Review Rules

Take time to review classroom rules with your students. This will help to remind them of what is expected of them and to reinforce positive behavior. Pull out the How to Use School Supplies Anchor chart and review. (Super Ideas For Teaching Rules & Procedures In A Kindergarten Classroom)


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Plan Engaging Activities

Plan activities that are fun and engaging. This will help to motivate them and make them more excited about learning. (Kindergarten New Year’s Activities and Resources)

Positive Reinforcement

Acknowledge and praise your little learners for positive behavior. This can include things like giving stickers, high-fives, or verbal praise. Positive reinforcement can help to motivate and build their confidence.

Be Consistent

It is important to be consistent in your approach to classroom management. This helps to create a predictable and safe environment for your kindergarteners and helps them to feel more secure.

These awesome Kindergarten Classroom Management Tips After Winter Break will help your little learners transition back into the classroom routine with ease.

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