In a kindergarten classroom where space is as precious as gold, it’s time to get crafty with our library or reading stations! I’ve got some tips that have worked wonders for me and my little learners. Get ready to create your ultimate Kindergarten Classroom Library Station from these awesome ideas!

In previous posts, I shared numerous pictures of my classroom library station. (The Library Station in the Kindergarten Classroom) This time, I will focus on three key aspects: Location, Setup, and Usage.


In classrooms with limited space, it’s essential to allocate areas for stations, carpet time, tables, and the teacher’s desk. Don’t overlook the library or reading station!! You can transform a small corner by adding a bookshelf, a rug, or some pillows to create an engaging library station for little learners.

Library Station Set-up

Setting up a compact yet comprehensive library or reading station can be challenging. Start by choosing the location and deciding how to shelve and organize your books using bookcases, bins, or baskets. Enhance the space with inviting decor for kindergartners, and furnish it with chairs, carpets, or cushions for a cozy reading environment. (Classroom Library Organization)

Library Station Activities

As emphasized in previous posts, ensure that your little learners understand all expectations and rules before using the station.

Library or reading station is for READING–of course!! They include independent reading, reading to a stuffed animal or a partner, writing book reviews or responses, creating “Words I Can Read” lists, or compiling lists of favorite books.

Libraries and reading stations are like the secret superheroes of the kindergarten class, boosting kids’ reading and learning adventures. No matter if it’s a cozy corner or a full-blown reading fortress, make sure it’s a total blast for the little bookworms!

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