Using Jenga in the Classroom

A few years ago, I saw another teacher use colored Jenga blocks in a whole-group activity. The students were doing a math activity and each color represented a step in the process. This class was an higher grade level, so it got me to thinking about how I could adapt this for my kindergarten class! I started buying mini Jenga sets whenever I could and creating games that my students could use. What I found was that my students were engaged and actually practicing the skills that would help them grow academically. That is a win-win in my teacher book!

What Games Can My Students Play Using Jenga?

Once I started making Jenga games, I couldn’t stop! Haha. Here are a few of the games that I created using Jenga/Tumbling Tower blocks. I am also adding a few suggestions for upper grades as well.

Accountability with Jenga Games

I often get asked, when providing professional development to teachers, how I hold my students accountable during these type of center activities or games. The answer for these Jenga games is recording sheets. I created simple recording sheets to go with several of the games I made. This allows the students to have fun and practice their skills, but turn in a recording sheet of progress, if required.

Letter ID – Upper & Lower Case Letter Match
Number Representations
Playing CVC Jenga During Small Group

How to Make a Classroom Jenga Game

I first began purchasing mini Jenga games, but then I found out that the Dollar Tree sells mini ‘Tumbling Tower’ games for only $1!! Get outta my way…I’m on my way to the Dollar Tree!

Tumbling Tower Game from Dollar Tree

I bought several sets of these and then used a Flair Pen to write the academic skills on the end of each blog. Here a few tips that I learned.

Jenga Tumbling Towers Recording Sheets

Are you looking for recording sheets to accompany your Jenga Tumbling Towers games? Check out what I created HERE!

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