Hello and welcome to another #31daysofkindergarten …distance learning focused! One major concern that I have heard from teachers, who are doing distance learning this year, is how they will make connections and build relationships with their students. This is a valid concern, as most of us Kindergarten teachers and the students we teacher, thrive on hugs, high fives and the babbling stories of our kinder kids. How can we do this when we’re teaching from across town over a computer screen? Here are my favorite tips for making connections with your students during distance learning.

How To Make Connections With Students While Teaching Distance Learning

Student Connection During Distance Learning

In a traditional, in-person classroom setting, one of our first goals as an elementary school teacher is to make connections and build relationships with our students. Not only will this help us teach each student individually, but it will help them feel comfortable in our classroom family. Now that many are teaching virtually, teachers may have to work a little harder or differently to create these connections. I’ve done some research on this and wanted to share what I learned in hopes that it can help you too.

Make Connections Before School Starts

Make Connections During The School Year

Giving Small Gifts

Make Virtual Class Time Fun
You can still do the fun things you would do in classroom, but virtually.

Do you have ideas for making connections and building relationships with your incoming students? Please share below!

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Abigail is a Kindergarten Teacher, Curriculum Writer, National Speaker and author of the website, Kindergarten Chaos, LLC. She lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband and 3 kids. She provides professional development to schools and districts all over the country. If your school or district is in need of professional development (either in-person or virtually) for everything Little Learners, please email her at kindergartenchaos2@gmail.com

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  1. Another brilliant post indeed. It’s really important to maintain connection with our students even though it’s distant, and it can never be a far.. Can you suggest an effective paltform in conducting online classes with kindrgarteners? Thank you

  2. Your article is very relevant and important.

    One idea is to give students offline activities and they report back the result. e.g. Count number of houses on your block or number of flowers in your backyard. Or check if you have 10 or more spoons.

    These are difficult times but getting parents involved, as suggested by you, is very important.

  3. Hi Abbie,
    I really appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas online. These are some wonderful tips during distance learning. My school is still distance learning and I am happy to say that my team uses almost all of these strategies to make the year somewhat more normal and a lot more fun. How are you celebrating birthdays virtually? So far, I just have the birthday kiddo be sang to by the class and choose the brain breaks for the day.
    One thing I’ve incorporated recently to my daily routine is built in time for students to verbally share any (appropriate) thing they want the class to know. I feel like this is helping strengthen the classroom community.
    Sending happy thoughts,

    1. Thanks Lauren for leaving a comment! It sounds like you and your team are rocking this distant learning!! As for virtual birthdays, a quick little pop-up ‘birthday card’ with the student’s picture is a fun way to recognize them during distance learning. Let me know if you need more details!

  4. I’m glad that you talked about those students who aren’t used to this kind of structured setting. Distance learning might be new to everyone but they still have to cope with it because of the pandemic. I just hope that there will be enough resources for teachers so they can effectively reach out to their students.

  5. These are some great tips that you have shared here! I do agree with your point that developing connections with students in online learning environment is a tough task. However, teachers use different ways to interact with students and to keep them engaged. Oxford Learning College is one of the world’s leading distance education providers. Professors know how to keep their students engaged throughout the session.

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