With the calendar year coming to a close and winter break fast approaching, holiday parties are right around the corner. As a kindergarten teacher, are you searching for tips and tricks to make your class holiday party a success? Look no further! Here are some great Holiday Party Tips & Ideas for Kindergarten.

As a kindergarten teacher, it’s important to make sure that your class holiday party is both fun and educational for your little learners. Here are some ideas that can help you plan and execute a great holiday party.


Plan for some festive crafts that your kindergarteners can take home. (Gingerbread House To Go Kit For Little Learners) You can set up stations around the room and have different activities at each station. Some ideas include making cards for family members, snowflakes, or even decorating gingerbread houses. (Gingerbread Houses in the Classroom)


Kindergarteners love to play games, so plan for some fun activities that can keep them engaged. You can plan for a game of “Pin the Nose on Rudolph” or a holiday-themed scavenger hunt. (Gingerbread Hunt)


Looking for a fun activity for the last week of school before Winter Break? 🕵️‍♀️Try a Gingerbread Man Hunt! I have the clues all ready for you that include the front office staff, the nurse, the librarian and principal! But…the clues are editable to change and reflect your school and environment! You could do the hunt all in one day or 1 clue a day! #kindergartenchaos #gingerbread #decemberactivities #gingerbreadman

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos


No holiday party is complete without some delicious treats. You can plan for some healthy snacks like fruit skewers or cheese and crackers, and also include some holiday-themed treats like candy canes, hot cocoa and gingerbread. Don’t forget to include the students grown-ups for help and donations.


Reading holiday stories can be a great way to wind down the party and get your little learners ready for their winter break. You can read classics like “The Gingerbread Man” or even some new variation of this entertaining story. (See my Amazon Store for some of my favorites.)

This Gingerbread Baby Picture Book Activity Pack is another fun way to add academic practice with read-alouds. (Picture Books and Activities for Little Learners)

By incorporating these ideas into your holiday party planning, you can create a fun and memorable experience for your kindergarten students. Remember to keep things simple and age-appropriate, and most importantly, have fun!

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