Do you introduce Goal Setting to your little learners? It is never too early to work on setting goals with your kindergarteners. January is the perfect time to introduce and teach this concept. Here are some ideas for Goal Setting For Little Learners.

The perfect time for goal setting is after the winter holidays and the start of the new year. Motivation, a sense of purpose, and focus are all a direct result of goal setting. How do you teach little learners this in a developmentally appropriate way?


Books are always an excellent way to introduce any new subject to little learners. Read the books out loud and leave in your library for further individual review at a later time. In addition to Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution being one of my favorites, it covers this goal setting topic very well for young children.

More Books

More books on goal setting for your little learners. Not only are these additional books fun and engaging, they are perfect for your class library and your students will love them!!

Need more information about setting up a class library? Go to “The Library Station in the Kindergarten Classroom” and “Classroom Library Organization” for more.

Setting Goals

After reading books and teaching about setting goals, have your little learners set their own goals for the day, week, month, or for the rest of the school year. Help them make achievable academic goals that motivates, gives them a sense of purpose and keeps them focused. Examples would be goals like: I can share with my friends, I can write my name, I know my sight words, I can count to 100……

New Years Goal Writing Activity

New Years Goal Writing is the perfect activity for practicing this skill.

First, model writing goals in a sentence bubble on your whiteboard.

Next, have your students partner up or work independently to write their own goal sentence. Students can write their goal in the talking bubble and then decorate/color the paper doll. After they are completed, post these on the class bulletin board or around the room for all to see and remember.

Easy, fun, low-prep activity for your little learners that has purpose and meaning.

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