Happy Back To School! We all know the first ‘word’ that we are going to teach our students to read and write is their name. It is so important and so personal. These Editable Name Plates will make this so much easier for you to teach all of your students at one time!

Editable Name Plates to easily help you teach your students how to read and write their name. These are simple prep and a fun way to help your students! Great for name tags on their desk or table too! #nameactivities #kindergarten #kindergartenteacher #backtoschool

Editable Name Plates

Just imagine this..you create and prep these Editable Name Plates before school starts and when your nervous and anxious little Kindergarteners enter their classroom, they see THEIR name on the desk. How warm and fuzzy will that make them feel?

These printables include more than just place to add a student’s name, though. Also included are other skills that are important for kindergartners to learn. This is a fabulous reference for so many aspects of the school year. We’ve included shapes, numbers, ABCs and beginning sound pictures!

You can easily prep these and place them on your students’ desks or table. They can be the name tag for each student as well as a fabulous reference and teaching tool!

Prepping these name plates are super easy. You can add each student’s name individually, then print and laminate. They are ready to go! How fun?

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