May is just around the corner! As we head into this month, one of the most charming themes is flowers. Here are some of my top picks for Engaging Flower Activities For Little Learners that seamlessly fit into your daily school routine.

At this time of year, flowers are blossoming all around, even here in Nevada where I reside. Trees are budding with new leaves, flowers are blooming, and weeds are popping up everywhere. Kindergarteners enjoy learning about flowers and engaging in academic activities centered around this theme. Not only are they observing the nature surrounding them, but they are also honing their academic skills.

Do you need some fresh new ideas to incorporate a flower theme into your kindergarten academic curriculum for engaging and meaningful activities? Keep reading for my favorites!!

Flower Sorting

Provide your kindergarten students with a variety of fake flowers in different colors and sizes. Ask them to sort the flowers based on certain criteria such as color, size, type of flower, etc. This activity helps develop their cognitive skills and ability to categorize objects.

Flower Counting Game

Create a fun game where your little learners have to count the number of petals on different paper flowers. This activity not only reinforces their counting skills but also introduces them to the concept of addition and subtraction in a creative way. Ordering Numbers year long bundle is the perfect way to practice number ID and ordering numbers with the flower theme that is included.

Planting Seeds

Let your kindergarteners experience the joy of planting seeds in small pots or a garden bed. Teach them about the different stages of a plant’s life cycle and the importance of sunlight and water for growth. This hands-on activity helps in fostering a love for nature and understanding the science behind plant growth. Label A Picture activity is the perfect addition to this seed planting activity. Not only is it a visual hands-on activity showing parts of the flower, but also adds in the labeling and literacy standards for kindergarten.

Arts and Crafts

Engage your students in art and craft activities related to flowers. Paper flowers, painting flower pots, or creating a flower garden collage are some fun examples. This not only enhances their creativity but also allows them to appreciate the beauty of nature through art.


Read books about flowers and nature to your little learners, followed by discussions about the different types of flowers, their colors, and the role of flowers in the ecosystem. This helps in improving their language skills, vocabulary, and understanding of the natural world. (Click on the image below to explore this and more of my favorite plant books available on Amazon.)

Nature Walk

Take your students on a nature walk around the school garden or nearby park to observe real flowers, plants, and insects. Encourage them to sketch or take notes about what they see, fostering their observational skills and appreciation for the environment.


These three interactive and meaningful Directed Writing activities incorporate flowers as a theme for little learners to enhance and develop their early writing skills. (Guided Directed Drawings-Sequence Writing for Beginners, Guided Directed Draw & Write for Beginning Writers Activities, and Alphabet Guided Drawings for Beginning Writers has more information on these amazing must have factivitiesor your kindergarteners.)

Color by Code

Are you looking for an editable, engaging activity that enhances academic skills and features a delightful flower theme? Explore this Color by Code year-long bundle, a valuable resource for kindergarten students.

Incorporating a flower theme into little our kindergarten curriculum not only makes learning fun and engaging but also instills a sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world in young minds.

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