Are you in need of another fun, engaging, yet meaningful and **FREE** literacy activity for your kindergarteners? Check out this Flashlight I Spy Literacy Activity **FREEBIE** for another purposeful activity from KINDERGARTEN CHAOS!!


We all love a good game of I Spy, right?🕵️‍♀️ This is a FREE, low-prep game that could be done as a partner or independent activity! Practice upper, lowercase or even a combination of letters! 🔎 Umm…I’m already thinking about other ideas for this I Spy game! 💬Who wants the flashlights & recording sheets? #kindergartenchaos #tiktokteacher #phonics #handsonlearning #teacherhacks #finemotoractivity 🏷️And please save and tag someone you think would love this! 🤩

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Supplies Needed for the Flashlight I Spy Literacy Activity **FREEBIE**

  1. Download and print the **FREEBIE** flashlight and recording sheet.
  2. Using a sharpie, write letters on page protector/baggie.
  3. Insert a black piece of paper into the page protector. The black paper helps hide the letters.
  4. Cut out the flashlight and insert into the plastic along with the recording sheet.

Moving the flashlight around, the letters show up and the student can then check letters on recording sheet or call out letters. Make this a fun game, use in your literacy station, partner activity, individual practice, or fast finisher activity.

Your little learners will love learning and practicing upper and lowercase letter with this **FREEBIE**.

Another fun, engaging, yet intentional, and purposeful activity for your little learners.

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Do you have more ideas on how to use this fun and easy **FREEBIE**? Please send comments to my social media–FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tik Tok.

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