So happy to have Caitlin from Kindergarten Smiles here sharing how to Expand a Kindergarten Writing Station!

Hi all! I’m Caitlin from Kindergarten Smiles and I am so excited to be sharing over here on Kindergarten Chaos! My kiddos (and I)  start getting tired at the end of the year–so I like to start adding some new additions and new choices to our center rotations to keep things exciting! 
Now that my kiddos are writing independently, letter writing is the perfect addition! They love writing letters to their friends and families, but I think they really love putting their letters into envelopes and ‘mailing’ their letters. My students love this writing station.
You can find my letter writing activity sheet and some other make your own cards in my writing pack on TpT, but you can also just leave blank, lined, paper for them to create their own! 
I make sure that my students know my expectations when they begin this center.  Some of these expectations include: writing at least 4 sentences and addressing the envelope. 
Then, I make the center a little bit more ‘fun’ by adding stickers to decorate their note and envelope, and I add this cute, little, mailbox found here.  Trust me, the mailbox is SUCH a motivator! (It’s the little things.)
 Happy writing!!
Would love for you to share your writing ideas with me on the Kindergarten Smiles Facebook Page!

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