Engaging Number ID Activities For Kindergarten is a must! I am always on the lookout for new fun and purposeful activities to teach this very important skill. Here are some activities I feel are essential for the kindergarten classroom.

Classroom Decor

You may wonder why I am listing decor as an essential activity. Having the skills you are introducing to your students displayed is imperative. Exposure on a routine basis, reinforces and cements the concepts your are teaching. Fun and colorful number ID posters are an easy way to teach and expose your students to numbers, as well as, decorate your kindergarten classroom.

Not only is this an easy download and printable, it has multiple representations. Numbers, Dice, Teddy Bear Counters, Tally Marks, and Ten Frames are included. I believe in activities that are multi purposeful. This makes for a more economical choice for the teacher, while providing the students with different activities for the same concept. This is a great addition to your classroom!!

Check out post “Benefits Of Creating A Print Rich Environment” for more information and ideas.

Anchor Charts

Anybody who has followed me knows I LOVE anchor charts!!! Anchor charts are a interactive way to teach and reinforce skills with your little learners. Not only can they help create the chart, they can write, draw or paste pictures all while learning the new skill.

This activity comes with clip art for making anchor charts along with printable book and practice pages. Multi purposeful!!!

Need more ideas for Anchor Charts? Go to post “Must-Make Kindergarten Anchor Charts” and

Digital Activities

Technology in the classroom is controversial. In my opinion, it should be kept to a minimum in the kindergarten classroom. However, the use of digital activities can be helpful for individual practice, fast finishers and your computer stations.

This a a year long count and match numbers bundle for your computer station. Easy to use, fun for your kiddos, and effective for number id and counting. This bundle is also available in individual months or topic.

If you are looking for some other fun digital activities, here are some other Boom Cards available.

Check out post “Boom Cards: Everything You Need To Know” for more information on digital activities.

Fine Motor and Playdough Activities

Hands on activities really do cement skill concepts. Having your students manipulate playdough while learning numbers is an excellent way to hone fine motor skills while effectivity teaching and reinforcing this academic skill. If you have never used or do not like playdough– check out my post “Purposeful Playdough For Little Learners” and “30+ Ways To Use Playdough in the classroom“.

Not only is this a fun and fine motor skill activity, but also an intentional and effective way for kindergarteners to learn number id concepts.

Want another multi purpose number id activity? Here is a fun and exciting Dollar Tree activity. Check out post “Test Tube Math” for supply list and **FREEBIE**.

Activity trays from the Dollar Tree or Amazon make this number activity fun, hones fine motor skills, and can be repurposed for other skills.


Divided Trays





Students love games!! Turn an activity into a game and your kindergarteners will think learning is fun!! You can turn almost any number id activity into a game using dice. Here is a **FREEBIE** Roll a Monster activity.


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♬ The Monster Mash – Sing N Play


Butcher Paper



**FREEBIE** download

Seasonal Activities

Do you use unit studies for your kindergarteners? I love using apples in my classroom during the fall season. Here is an apple activity that is for math, literacy and a craft. Once again, multi-purpose!!!

Go to Blog Post “Apples in Kindergarten” and “Kinder Lesson Plans For Week 5: Apples, Handwriting & More” for more apple activities.

Songs and Chants

Don’t forget to sing and chant!!! Children love chants and songs. Here is the number chant on number formation and ID. Remember, your students don’t know if you are off key–just sing!!


I created a Number Chants pack AND it includes an audio file of me singing each chant! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #backtoschool2022 #teachertips #learningisfun

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos

Year Long and Multiple Skills Activities

Puzzles are fun, engaging and multi purposeful. These number puzzles are editable and seasonal so they can be used year round. Not only do they reinforce number id, they also sharpen fine motor skills with scissor and glue use.

This is a simple, no-prep activity that is engaging for your little learners. Must have activity for your kindergarten classroom. Just add your number id skills, print, and let you students color and learn.

Check out post “Color By Code” for more ideas and information.

Have you ever used a spinning wheel in your classroom? This exciting item turns any activity into a game show! Students can use this in whole group, small group, or even individual practice. It is so much fun and very effective for number id but can be used for so many other skills.

Finally, here is my Munching Monsters multiple skill activity. Just decorate a small, swinging trash can. Download the number id cards and let your kids have fun while learning.

I hope all these ideas for Engaging Number ID Activities For Kindergarten was helpful and informative. If you have any comments, visit me on social media FB, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

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