The school year is coming to a close, our little learners are preparing for summer break, and we are wrapping things up in the classroom. Here are some End Of Year Kindergarten Activities And Ideas that will help make these last few days or weeks productive as well as fun and meaningful.


End-of-year assessments are anticipated with both eagerness and trepidation. How did our little learners perform this year? How does this time-consuming task fit into our schedule? I have discovered a program that is both manageable for students and easy for teachers to interpret the data.

Go to “End of Year Assessments” for more information about this amazing assessment program.

ABC Countdown

There are many different ways to countdown to end of school. ABC Countdowns are fun and provide extra academic practice for our little learners. Whether you start from A or Z, counting down with the alphabet is a fun way to incorporate a variety of activities to wrap up the school year. This ABC Countdown **FREEBIE** is full of daily ideas and activities.

Check out “ABC Countdown To Summer” for more ideas and activities.

End Of Year Bundle

Make the end of the school year memorable and exciting for your kindergarteners with this bundle of EOY activities. The package includes a memory book and gift tags that make for a perfect take-home keepsake. Don’t miss out on the chance to make the end of the year fun for your little ones!


🌞When is your last day of school? For some it’s in May, others June. But if you are looking for a print and go last week or last few days of school resource…look no further! ➡️Includes Snapshot Year Book with lots of page options; Find Someone Who game, Design a FlipFlop, Last Day of School Crown, Cut/Glue Thank You Note for support staff, end of year kindness die and student gift tags!😎Jam packed full of fun! 🥚And I’ve heard that Taylor Swift leaves little Easter Eggs in her songs/videos and while I am no TSwift, see if you can spot something in this reel!😉 #kindergartenchaos #kidscrafts #kindergartenactivities #endofschoolyear #summer #kindergartengraduation

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Whether your school has a Kindergarten Promotion or Graduation, this **FREEBIE** is a fun way to finish up the school year.

Blog post “Kindergarten End Of Year Celebration Ideas” has more ideas.

Clean Up

It’s that time of the year again – the dreaded end-of-year clean-up activity!!! Fortunately, there are several shortcuts and systems available that can help simplify this task and enhance its efficiency.

10+ Tips for End of the School Year Clean Up

This post has a plethora of fantastic solutions that will make this task much easier to accomplish this year!

What End Of Year Kindergarten Activities And Ideas do you have? Is there something you do every year that saves you time or that your students really enjoy? Please share!!

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