Who’s ready for another Educators’ Summer Book Study For Professional Development & Growth book study?! I know that I am always trying to better myself as an educator and often times, that requires self-initiated professional development. So again this year, I am teaming with my friend, Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard to learn and grow from the book Making the Most of Small Groups – Differentiation for All, authored by Debbie Diller.

One of my professional goals over the last year and for the upcoming 17/18 school year is to strengthen my small group instruction and to use differentiation to grow my student’s abilities, at their specific level. I am a firm believer in working on becoming the best teacher I can be. There is no ‘pinnacle’ in teaching!! I don’t care if you have a million followers, are a million dollar earner, or teacher of the year; EVERYONE needs professional development! Even over the last 6 years, I have seen changes in education and in students prior knowledge and abilities. This a perfect reason why we need to better ourselves as teachers. I want to gain more knowledge to be adequately equipped to grow these children, to the very best of my ability. And I know that is what YOU want to do as well!

How does the Educators’ Summer Book Study For Professional Development & Growth work?

Both Greg and I will be posting a recap and accompanying comments on 1 chapter a week. We are starting on Thursday June 8. Blog posts will be up each Thursday and we will both be doing a FB Live broadcasts as well…so stay tuned.

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Buy the book HERE, or the Kindle version. Read 1 chapter a week and then come back to read our perspective and get great ideas for making the most of your small groups!

Don’t forget that this is an interactive Educators’ Summer Book Study For Professional Development & Growth book study, so we want your opinions and teaching ideas and suggestions! Please leave your comments and and become an active participant!!


Did you miss my review of chapter 1? Click here to read about 5 Tips for Making the Most of Small Groups.

Check out chapter 2’s review here: 25+ Ideas for Organizing Guided Reading Supplies and Materials in the Classroom.

How about chapter 3, Creating Small Groups for Guided Reading?

Chapter 4: Read HERE about how Comprehension is the Key to Reading.

I hope you liked this Educators’ Summer Book Study For Professional Development & Growth and are able to use the information to improve and excell as a teacher. We hope to do more of these book studies in the future. Continue to follow me for more.

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